ChemStewards Excellence Tier III Qualification

August 4, 2017   Nation Ford Chemical Surpasses ChemStewards® Requirements – Nation Ford Chemical Qualifies for SOCMA’s “Excellence” Ranking  

Fort Mill, SC – Nation Ford Chemical (NFC) announced today that as a result of exceeding key performance requirements for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates’ (SOCMA) ChemStewards® program, it has qualified for the program’s highest ranking – the Excellence Tier.  

Nation Ford Chemical is being recognized for its successful efforts to go above and beyond the minimum for federal environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) compliance, build customer confidence and community trust, and strengthen product stewardship.

Jay Dickson, NFC President stated “Our company has always strived to not only meet, but exceed environmental, health and safety requirements. Providing a safe and environmentally responsible location builds trust in both our employees and business partners.”

“We congratulate Nation Ford Chemical for this achievement, which represents their commitment to continuous improvement in EHS&S performance,” said Dr. J. Holland Jordan, Managing Director, ChemStewards. “By operating above expectations, Nation Ford Chemical is building customer confidence, community trust and strengthening product stewardship throughout the supply chain.”

ChemStewards is an industry-developed EHS&S program designed for the specialty chemicals industry. It was created from industry’s commitment to continuous improvement and to reduce the environmental footprint left by member facilities. The program is based on a three-tier system with key performance requirements per tier. Tier one is known as Fundamental and tier two is Enhanced Performance – the standard tier for ChemStewards® participants. To qualify for Excellence, or tier three, facilities must sign core principles, complete security requirements, have one documented management review meeting, complete a third-party verification of management systems at the Enhanced Performance level, and submit a voluntary tier three application.


About Nation Ford Chemical
Founded in 1977, Nation Ford Chemical is one of America’s most respected custom manufacturers of specialty organic chemicals. NFC’s products, including Sulfanilic Acid (CAS#121-57-3) and PANA (N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine, CAS#90-30-2), are sold worldwide through offices in the United States, Europe, China and Japan.  NFC has a diverse background in toll manufacturing at our 27-acre site in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA.  For more information, visit    

Since 1921, the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) has represented a diverse membership of chemical companies located around the world, bringing world-class support uniquely tailored to enhance the operational excellence of our member companies.

 ChemStewards® is SOCMA’s flagship environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) continuous performance improvement program that was created to meet the unique needs of the specialty chemical industry. As a mandatory requirement for SOCMA members engaged in the manufacturing or handling of chemicals, ChemStewards is helping participants reach for superior EHS&S performance.