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Manufacturing Support

Nation Ford Chemical’s headquarters and production facility feature a large, well-maintained manufacturing plant, a fully equipped development lab and a 15,000 square-foot warehouse. Our on-site bulk storage facility currently maintains the following chemicals:

• Aniline
• Aqueous Ammonia (29%)
• Caustic Soda (50%)
• Hydrogen
• Nitrogen
• Sulfuric Acid (93%)
• Several Flammable Solvents

NFC utilizes once through cooling water and also has a chilling unit for additional cooling needs.  Heating is provided by either 125psi steam generated on-site or 550°F hot oil.

Our 27-acre site is supported by a rail spur and is within easy access of Interstate 77. And, we’re less than a few hours driving time from three major Southern port cities.

Our plant operates 24/7 with maintenance and laboratory support on all shifts.

Our energy needs are supplied by Duke Energy, headquartered just 15 minutes away in Charlotte, N.C. Duke is renowned as one of the world’s most reliable and cost efficient energy providers. Low energy costs, an ample water supply and high volume, low cost water treatment combine to allow us to develop high quality products at value pricing.